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The Professor Fluffy Education Adventure website is part of a programme aiming to raise the aspirations of primary school children by introducing the concepts of higher education at an early age, and in a fun and engaging way.

The University of Liverpool has over 15 years of experience in delivering high quality aspiration-raising activities on a local, national and global level. Our guide, Professor Fluffy, enables primary age children, and their families to understand the concept and language of university and raises awareness of the impact of education on improving career and life opportunities.

By introducing the vocabulary of a learning journey to primary children, we aim to ensure that they are fully aware of higher education as a life choice for all. We want to show that further and higher education has a role to play in the concept of educational progression from nursery to higher education.

Why is it important to start at primary age?

The earlier a child thinks about the future, and the earlier they set their goals high, the more likely they are to achieve them. By showing primary age children what university is we can give them something to aim for. It also shows them that university and education is not all about subjects that you study in school; it can also be about your hobbies – music, drama, dance or sports. By introducing primary children to university in a fun way we are helping them to see that university could be a choice for them.

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