Clubs & societies

Students don’t spend all of their time studying, they do lots of social things too. While you might have after school clubs, students can join lots of different clubs and societies. These might be related to degree subjects, like the Geography Society, or a sports society like the Football Society. They could be about something totally different, like Dumbledore’s Army, which is the University of Liverpool Harry Potter Society. There are hundreds of different societies so no matter what you’re interested in you’ll be able to find a society for it, and it’s a great way to meet people and make friends.

One of the main ways that societies are different from the clubs you’ll take part in at school is that they are run by students, so you’ll get to have lots of input into the different activities your society does. You can even make up your own society if you want to!

There are two buildings on campus that are specifically for societies. We have a Sports Hall with a gym, climbing wall, pool and dance studios where most of our sporting societies take place, and a place called the Guild of Students where you can socialise with your friends, get something to eat or study quietly – but it also has lots of rooms equipped for societies. There are dance studios for our dance societies, practice rooms for our musical societies and even a radio room for our Student Radio Society.

Since there are so many different clubs and societies, it can be hard to find out about them all, and work out which one you would like to join. That’s why the university holds Freshers Week every September. Freshers Week is a chance for all the societies and clubs to get together in one place, so you can see them all, find out which one you like the sound of most and join it, or get more information. Professor Fluffy had a great time at Freshers Fair.

If you want to see more about the University of Liverpool Freshers Fair, you can check out this video