Where you live

When you go to university, you get to choose where you live. You might want to stay at home with your parents if you go to a university close to your home, but lots of students decide to move into Halls of Residence.

Halls are special places which are just for students to live in and you would usually live in a flat with between 4 and 8 other students. You would each have your own bedroom and bathroom, but would share a kitchen and living space with the other students in your flat. The Halls of Residence will have a social space so it’s really easy to meet lots of other students and make new friends.

In some Halls of Residence you can do all your own shopping and cook your own meals but in others you can pay to have breakfast and dinner provided for you, so you don’t have to worry if you’re not a good cook!

You can watch a great video about living at halls on the University of Liverpool website right here.

After your first year at university you might rent a house or a flat to share with your best friends in an area just outside of the city, but still really close to campus!


fluf couch

flfu kitch Professor Fluffy, and her friend, Professor Long Long, enjoying the couches at their Halls of Residence