Student support

When you go to university it’s a very exciting time! You’ll be doing lots of things for the first time, which can be a little bit scary. But there’s no need to worry – universities have lots of people available to give you support with whatever you need. Some of the people that will be there to help you include:

Disability Support

The Disability Support team offers loads of support to students with all sorts of disabilities. They can support you with your learning, making sure that you have the right equipment to learn, and also help you to meet other disabled students in the University.


Just like you have a doctor where you live at home, lots of universities have a GP’s surgery based on campus or close to it, which is especially for students of that university. They will offer appointments to fit around your lectures and study so that you’re always able to see a doctor if you don’t feel very well.

Financial Support

When you go to university it’s often the first time that you have to look after your own money and buy things for yourself. The Financial Support team are there to help you with this. They can help you work out how to budget, or how best to spend your money on a weekly shop, or even how to save money. They also offer information on different funding opportunities like bursaries or scholarships that you might be eligible for.


The Counselling Service is a place you can go to and talk to someone if you have a problem. They can help you with all sorts of things, from missing home, to finding that you have lots of work on and don’t know how to manage your time, to helping you feel more rexlaxed about your exams, or even just provide someone to talk to if you feel sad or miss home.

International Student Support

University is a big change for everyone, but even more so if you move to a different country to study. The International Support team do their best to help students deal with the change and enjoy the new country they’re living in. They can offer advice on how things in the country work, like paying bills or doing shopping, or offer help with visas or language classes if you need them.

Support for Care Leaving Students

The staff who support students joining university after leaving care are very experienced in their area and know that help students leaving care might need slightly different help to other students. They can help students find year round accommodation, fill in their student finance applications or supporting students with other things that might come up. They are really good at keeping the work they do confidential and making sure the students they work with don’t feel different.

Religious Support

Religion is a big part of a lot of peoples lives, and universities understand and support that. There are lots of religious societies within universities to give support to students and special spaces on campus to meet students needs, like prayer rooms or chapels. Every member of staff at a university knows how important religion can be, so they’re always willing to help students meet their needs.

Campus Security

To make sure you feel comfortable at university, the campus security team work really hard to make it the safest it can be. They work closely with the local police; many universities even have a designated police officer who visits campus to offer advice about how to keep yourself safe. One of the great things campus security does is offer to escort people from the library to their student accommodation if they have to work till late and don’t feel comfortable walking back alone!

No matter what, all of of these people are here to help you to make your time at university the best experience it can be!