Use this page to help you understand all the words to do with university!


All the buildings of the university. It will even have a shop and a café as well as buildings where you go to learn.


All the lectures, seminars, essays and exams in your subject that you need to do to get your degree.


The special certificate you get at the end of university.


A long piece of writing on a particular subject.


A person who has completed university and received a degree for all their hard work.


The ceremony where you get your degree. You get dressed up in a gown, hood and mortar board.

Halls of Residence

You can live here on the university campus.


A lesson at university where around 200 students listen to the lecturer speak.


Someone who teaches students at university. They will do research on their subject, and run lectures and seminars for their students.

Lecture Theatre

A big room, a bit like a cinema, that you learn in at university. It is a lot bigger than your classroom and the biggest ones can hold up to 600 students!


Students can find books here for their studying.

Mortar Board

the hat you wear at graduation. Professor Fluffy loves to wear hers all the time!


Someone who is an expert on their subject, and is a senior member of staff at a university. They will do research on their subject, and run lectures and seminars for their students.


A book or a website that tells you about all the different courses you can study at university. It will also have information about what subjects you should study at school. If you click the Mortar Board on the left hand side of the screen, you can look through our prospectus of courses!


Finding out more about a subject by carrying out experiments, reading books and searching the internet.


A lesson at university with about 15 students where they discuss the things they have learnt in their lectures.


The name for different clubs where you can make lots of new friends.


A place where you can study different subjects and learn more to help you get a job.