DURATION: 3 or 4 years
A LEVELS: Usually you would need a science subject.
JOBS: Nurse

Nurses are people who look after you when you’re feeling unwell, and help you to get better. Studying nursing at university teaches you all the skills that you need to be a good nurse – you would learn all bout the human body and different illnesses, how to give people medications and injections, how to take down their medical history to help doctors find out what is wrong with them and how to make sure everywhere is kept clean and sterile to stop illnesses spreading, as well as lots and lots of other things. To help you practise what you are learning on your nursing degree you would spend a lot of time based in hospitals or places people receive care, practising what you are learning. You can also choose to specialise into a type of nursing – you might want to work with adults, or children, in a hospital or in a GP’s surgery.